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YouTube honors Onyx Dragon!!!

Posted by Nathan Weaver on January 11, 2011 at 8:59 PM

This is some really exciting news...

YouTube has given our channel the right to upload full-length videos.  Why?!  Because we're awesome.  Okay, okay, it's because we conform to the community guidelines and respect copyrights.  And we're not the only channels out there getting this awesome privilage bestowed upon them, so login to your account and check by clicking "Upload".  If you now have the right to upload full-length videos, there will be a blue information box that tells you such at the top of the page.  If not, you suck, I guess.

And here is the first abusing of YouTube's niceness... we uploaded Going Nowhere's series finale.  The entire last episode is completely improvised, and has an awesome prank on Tracie in the last ten minutes.

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Can ya dig it?

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